Swell Sofa Curve
Swell Sofa Curve
Swell Sofa Curve

Swell Sofa Curve

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Product size 產品尺寸

Curve shape 弧形4-5人位: W3070 x D1320 x H770 mm

Seat depth: 580mm, Seat height: 420mm

(W=闊, D=深, H=高)

*Width can be customized (from W2000mm)

Seat Softness 座位軟硬度 (1=the softest, 5 = the hardest)
4 - Firm and Bouncy 偏硬及有彈性

Delivery time 貨期
4-6 weeks 星期

Designed by Hi Thanks Bye design studio and grado

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Standard upholstery choices




*More material and color choices available, please contact us for information


Packing Carton Box, Plastic Bag
Weight (estimated) 86.7 kg
Material High Resilience Sponge, Pine Frame 
Origin Hangzhou, China
Assembly required? Yes

One-piece molded design

The high resilience foam is selected and cut in a one-piece molded design, ensuring that the sofa is both fluffy and soft while providing excellent support. Even with prolonged sitting or lying down, one will not feel discomfort.

Inward tilt at the bottom

The sofa’s bottom is finely cut with inward tilted edges, ensuring that when feet are hanging down, they won’t accidentally touch the sofa’s edges. This design prevents foot kicking and keeps dust away, enhancing both comfort and cleanliness.

Two piece module

Sofa divided into two pieces, easier for handling and delivery.

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grado designer team is made up of experienced and award-winning designers who spare no effort to bring extraordinary ideas to life to meet various spatial needs, and regularly collaborate on projects with well-known industry heavyweights.

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